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Hand Painted Toy boxes, kids rooms and Murals. (818) 357-7130

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A wall with a view has been creating unique toy boxes and affordable hand painted wall murals for the Southern California community since 1994. We specialize in Hand painted children wall Murals, hand painted toy boxes, Faux painting, kids wall Murals, Tile Murals, and unique Toy chests that will makes any home decor exceptional, Each of our hand painted artistic wall murals will compliment any style of interior décor whether be a beach mural, a  jungle or Disney mural.

We create the finest hand painted toy boxes, beautiful wall murals and canvases to decorate kids room walls or any room in your home or business.

Each mural and toy box  is unique and the possibilities are endless, kids room Mural can be simple like a blue sky and clouds or more involved like a beach mural or even  A girl’s fantasy whole room Mural.All boxes and kids room walls Murals are painted with top of the line non toxic acrylic paint then coated several times with water based sealers so you can enjoy it for a long time.In addition, we are here to answer any questions you may have about our services. Whether you need  An Italian street cafe, a beach mural, a tropical, a Disney Mural or a toy chest, or a safari storage trunk, we have what you need at prices you can afford. our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.

Kids Rooms

Kids Rooms

Murals Decorative Painting

Custom Murals, Original & Reproduction, We provides the highest quality & creative Artwork for both commercial & residential commissions. also we offer Trompe L’oeil, and restoration customized for each client, all with the utmost, personal attention to details & care.

Create an inviting and customized room for your child.
Specializing in custom hand painted children's wall murals , Michael  decorates children’s rooms with whimsical or themed paintings to stimulate and delight children of all ages.

We offer a broad array of decorative and faux finishes, including: aging, patinas, color wash, faux wood/marble/stone, trompe l\'oeil, bronzing as well as color consulting services.  We lend artistic detail to both new construction and renovation.

Hand painted accessories for dining rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, hallways or anyplace you may need them.
Painted with acrylic paint on tiles or stones and they can be hung
Or put in a rustic frame
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Custom Made, Adorable, entirely hand painted, Wonderfully detailed Classic themed toy boxes,they are beautiful and practical accessory for your child room. These toy boxes are designed to function as a spacious toy chest and storage chest. The elegant and beautifully detailed boxes can store all of your child’s toys as well as extra pillows, blankets or comforters in any room. Our toy boxes can be ordered in many base colors or theme of your choice, Finely crafted,with spring loaded Safety Lid, These boxes are great addition to boys and girls rooms and compliment any nursery decor