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What is a Mural?

A mural is a very large type of art that is painted on a surface of a building, usually a wall or ceiling. Murals might be created on the exterior or interior of a building.

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than an enticing display of wall art. Not only can carefully selected artwork add personality to your décor, it can enhance your home’s interior design by adding layers and visual interest. With a selection of hand painted mural or fine art piece.
It can be overwhelming trying to find that perfect subject and style of a mural but The choices are unlimited.
The number one rule for selecting artwork is that it should speak to you. If it isn’t meaningful in any way, it’s best to keep searching. If you’ve themed your furniture and décor around a certain color or idea, that can get you started in your search. Many paintings and other artwork have  a theme, On the other hand Whatever style you choose, just make sure it represents your tastes or interests.

Hand Painted Murals, Toy Boxes & Accessories

Toy Boxes

Hand Painted Toy Boxes & Storage Chests

 Jungle Wall Mural

Floor Painting

Floor Painting

Window Patings

Window Painting

f you’re looking for a mural, a paintings, an accessory or a toy box that fit perfectly with your traditional décor, consider our fine art work can also fit in well with a traditional scheme. And fits any budget.
Once you’ve found those perfect, meaningful art work, you’ll want to place them in a room that allows everyone who passes by to admire them. Common locations for artwork include a living room, a hallway, a kitchen, a bedroom or any other place you wish, Proper lighting and visibility is also important

 Guest Room Mural